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The Victorian Mansion Series
by John A. Miller, Jr.


Books in the Victorian Mansion series are not intended for children under 13 as they contain some
inappropriate language and sexual situations.


    The Skull Canyon Murders

The Victorian Mansion Murders

Who wouldn’t want a cushy job as writing coach for teenage Mary Ann Markham, living with her rich grandfather in a Victorian mansion miles from anywhere? Art Parker signs on, only to have his first day marred by finding a housemaid’s body on Mary Ann’s bedroom floor. After finding another corpse, Art and Mary Ann try their hands as amateur sleuths, only to find they might be the next victims.

The Lakeside Murders

When 14-year-old Mary Ann Markham, her writing coach, Art Parker, and her friend, Jennifer Martin, decide to landscape a lake they find the nude body of a young girl in a pile of brush. After Art and Mary Ann barely escape a fire—two more bodies—Jennifer hooks another while fishing in the lake. After a Halloween party the two girls go missing. Are they among the growing list of corpses?

The Beach House Murders

Is mobster Tony Gambolo behind the murders that haunt Art Parker, teenage Mary Ann Markham, and her best friend Jennifer Martin when Mary Ann’s rich grandfather rents a beach house for a month? Then, Art finds true love in the person of a local doctor, and the girls vanish just before a major hurricane hits. Will Art be able to find the girls and the killer before they all become shark food?

The Pirates’ Hill Murders

Black magic, or merely somebody who likes to kill people and then leave their bodies in a hilltop cave? The cave in question is on the property of the wealthy grandfather of teenager Mary Ann Markham, who, along with her writing coach, Art Parker, her best friend, Jennifer Martin, and Art’s fiancée, Marsha Brown, M.D., is being threatened by a possible satanic cult.

The Waterfall Murders

Corpses at the feet of spectacular waterfalls haunt Art and Marsha Parker when they visit a plush resort for their honeymoon. Along with their adopted daughter, Mary Ann Markham, and her best friend, Jennifer Martin, they are soon involved with tracking down a counterfeit money distribution ring along with all the dangers attendant upon such a risky, and mostly unauthorized, effort.

The Christmas Tree Murders

At a hilltop Christmas tree farm Art and Marsha Parker, their adopted daughter, Mary Ann Markham, and her best friend, Jennifer Martin, discover an unoccupied old mansion and a corpse beneath a tree. Exploring the mansion leads to more bodies, kidnappings, and smuggled goods, until the real murderer is discovered at a most unexpected location.

The Backstage Murders

Mary Ann Markham and her best friend, Jennifer Martin, decide to audition for a local amateur theatrical group, but the stage is soon cluttered with unwanted corpses. After surviving a severe thunderstorm in an abandoned gristmill they find themselves a target for the killer as well as for a big black dog named Satan.

The Fish Hatchery Murders

Mary Ann Markham and her best friend, Jennifer Martin, agree to help track down the murderer of a high school friend’s boyfriend who has turned up dead at a nearby trout nursery.  A surprise visitor from a local homeless shelter joins the quest until the girls, now three in number, finally identify the killer and nearly become victims themselves.

The Skull Canyon Murders

A mysterious bequest, a rattlesnake bite, corpses on mountain ledges and behind lonely cabins, a collapsing mine tunnel, and nefarious nighttime doings are just a few of the problems facing Art Parker, his daughters Heather Parker and Mary Ann Markham, and their best friend Jennifer Martin as they travel to southern Arizona to face flash floods, kidnappers, and a mountain of illegal activities.



Books in the Victorian Mansion series are works of fiction. Except for actual historical figures, any resemblance between any characters in these stories and any person living or dead is purely coincidental.

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