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The Pima Series
by John A. Miller, Jr.


Books in the Pima series are not intended for children under 18 as they contain some inappropriate language
and sexual situations. Because of this be sure to deactivate the Adult Filter near the upper right corner of the
home page when searching for these books on the Smashwords website (not necessary when using one of the
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Pima Gallagher, a detective for the Southern Pacific Railroad in 1894 Tucson, Arizona, must try to keep his landlady's eleven-year-old daughter, Scout, out of trouble while he investigates possibly intertwined cases of murder, arson, robbery, rape, and kidnapping.

The Medicine Show Murders

A traveling medicine show comes to Tucson, Arizona in January 1895. What, if anything, does its arrival have to do with a body found lying next to the railroad tracks just north of town? Southern Pacific Railroad Detective Pima Gallagher and his eleven-year-old stepdaughter, Scout Walker, eventually succeed in solving several related murders, and nearly become victims in the process.

Deserved Death

A central Arizona deer hunting excursion in late 1895 is complicated by murder. Southern Pacific Railroad Detective Pima Gallagher and his 12-year-old stepdaughter, Scout Walker, nearly perish in a blizzard while chasing outlaws who just might be the killers. Scout, afraid she’s going to be accused of the murder, runs away to an old mission to hide until a most unexpected person confesses.

Scout’s Honor

A 16-year-old boy or a 13-year-old girl? Runaway Scout Walker hides out in Bisbee, Arizona in the autumn of 1896. Southern Pacific Railroad Detective Pima Gallagher, while trying to solve a perplexing shipping issue, must locate his stepdaughter before she becomes the victim of a fatal mining accident.

Death of a Demon

Southern Pacific Railroad Detective Pima Gallagher; his stepdaughter, Scout Walker; and close friend, José Gonzales, face peril in the Arizona desert while trying to track down Ellen Gallagher and Maria Gonzales, hostages of a hired killer. Meanwhile, in Tucson a wealthy Mexican is murdered, but who killed this much-hated man?

Aspirations of an Author

Southern Pacific Railroad Detective Pima Gallagher is asked by the Santa Fe Railroad to help track down smugglers of whiskey to the Navajo Reservation. His 15-year-old stepdaughter, Scout, who is trying to write her memoirs, drags her mother, Ellen, to Winslow when Pima disappears. There they get involved in solving the murder of a Harvey Girl and tracking down outlaws in the Petrified Forest.



Books in the Pima series are works of fiction. Except for actual historical figures, any resemblance between any characters in these stories and any person living or dead is purely coincidental.

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